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          This is the first violin "Kalas" model that I have built over the course of several months. Quality, appearance, craftsmanship and sound of course was appreciated by a musician from Rome, who bought the violin. It was built traditionally and with a lot of fantasy.
          The purfling is labelled impossible to use to the violin because it is rigid and does not bend.
          The fact that I managed to use purfling at the violin, gave me sense of euphoria.

          Nothing is impossible you just have to want it !

The beauty


          It is formed from a complex of information on instruments construction. For me it is a rare beauty in first place, and has captured in it all the love and pleasure of making an instrument.
          At this violin I worked only when I was cheerful and I had time for it. Still working on the instrument and accessories because I want to be special and handmade as the whole instrument is made traditionally.
          I started working on this violin 9 years ago and ever since i have calculated and recalculated what I can do to make it special.
          My instruments start from my heart and their sound addresses to hearts.



          It is unique ! The model is a Kalas model calculated with great precision and concern.The mix of these ideas which started from 2003,only in 2013 was clarified and I manage to reach this unique result.I say unique because it is outlined with ebony the edge and nailing of animal bones,but the contoured was the real challenge.

          When I am working on my instruments I relax,probably because I love them !



          I was at an exhibition and finally i received a flower. I had nowhere to put the flower and I placed it on the instrument and got that picture on the back of the instrument.

          I shaped the purfling which is soaked in the blood of the dragon to bring the fire in the hearts of men and in the ladies hearts tears !



          This instrument boasts modest elegance,without "ornaments" being built for competition.It is handmade and I made sure to get that "vibration" in people's eyes.

          The music of this instrument will stir feelings and make people cry even when they do not understand the words of that track.

The Oldie


          I do not know how old it is ,but my grandfather kept this instrument on his furniture within my remembrance. The neck and the body were broken, I refurbished it carefully and accurately.The colour remained the original and I did not change from the body only the necessary parts ,to remain in the memory of my grandfather.

          For this instrument I would like to find a perfect violonist,his music to be offered to my grandfather.For me this instrument is oldie but goldie !

Gypsy 2


          The material of this instrument has a beautiful story, I received it from an older musician who told me that from that material many years ago he wanted to make a violin. Seeing the "Gypsy" violin he was so excited that he gave that material to me and he asked me to do an identical violin, even if he will not have the power to play on it, at least he will live with the thought that the much cared material was not wasted.

          So it's never too late for your wish to come true !



           I was invited in a magnificent forest where I found a piece of wood with the right qualities for an instrument.The minute the wood was hit, it was as if I had heard an uproar from the depth of the forest, as the wood started to fall I had the feeling that its ‘‘ brothers ’’ were supporting it.
           At long last I still managed to chop the wood, but .... I did not feel triumphant ! As it lay on the ground I said to myself ‘‘ God ! I killed it ’’ and then I promised to make an instrument through which I would express my respect, gratitude towards nature and the wood itself.
           Thus I sculpted and filled with ebony dust the following message in latin :
- ‘‘ In silvis viva silvi ’’ i.e ‘‘It lived peacefully in the forest’’
- ‘‘ Canora ’’ i.e ‘‘ Harmony ’’
- ‘‘ Jam mortua cano ’’ i.e ‘‘ Though dead it still lives ’’
           After all, even if we cut them, let’s not waste them, let’s not forget to replant our forests.



           This instrument is a dream! My Grandpa’s dream ! He used to have a folder containing all the information regarding violin building. There I saw for the first time , when I was 11, those specific motifs. I am not sure what put my Grandpa off building this violin, but now , i wish he could play on the violin I made, with his slightly long fingers.

’’ If we love somebody , we should love their dreams as well ! ’’



           This instrument stands for an ambition to achive greatness itself! I had the chance to see a `GREFFUHLE` duplicate painted on the ribs , and the motifs on both top and the back were stickers. Unlike this , my instrument is entirely hand – made, the side being carved and filled in with enbony dust. Both the top and the back motifs are made of animal bone. I invested a lot of time in this project, but I know that , as Zig Ziglar says ’’Great things are getting slowly . ’’



          This cello is manually made and i finished the instrument in white, during the winter holiday ( christmas time ). That's why I called it the "saint" and the stamp with a cross of purfling has the same meaning everywhere in the world.
          The cello is carefully made of dry material,the lines are mostly borrowed from a Stradivarius model but it has a lot of Kalas features.
It is ready  for painting and I am waiting for the ideal time to finish the instrument.

          I think that if you manage to turn your passion into profession then you are really happy.

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